About the Design: 
We wanted to created a world that gave homage to the original album, American Idiot. The idea of the green & white American flag definitely was a tribute to the music video that kicked off this concept album over a decade ago. We also focussed on words like ‘rage’ ‘love’ and ‘battlefield’ in developing the play space for the action. 

My research really pushed for a more industrial feeling, but I didn’t ever want to lose the sense that this was a space that could be used for action. The actors needed to be able to inhabit this theatrical playground. I added ladders up to the top platform on the flag, and a fire pole allowed movement up and down to the SR platform. 

The band stayed on stage at all times and was able to interact with the actors from time to time. This also gave the production the feeling of always being “in concert” which I thought was important and appropriate. I collaborated with the lighting designer to create lighting that was effective and part of the set as well. Lights were hung on pipes on the set that were both structural and practical. The results were very effective and created a production in which all the design elements worked in harmony.

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