About the Design
It is a little more rare to work with two directors, but it was really fun working with the team of Ben Smolder and Tiffany Lusht on creating this world. Designing in a more naturalistic style means that I had to have an incredible attention to detail and lots of research. Ultimately, the research really creates a design like this so I found every book I could on tenement buildings of the lower east side of Manhattan. 

We also had to focus on the placement of the building to the stage. We decided to pull the structure off center to allow for a vacant lot stage right. This gave some alternative entrances and exits as well as solving for the super's apartment. We couldn't go too tall for the second story because of house sightlines so raising the first floor to allow for a lower level unit wasn't practical. It really is all in the details with designs like this one! 

The set was wonderfully built and painted by really talented artists and served as a great place for the action and music to take place.
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