Otterbein University - Directed by Mark Mineart
Costumes by Rebecca White  -  Lighting Design by Kyle Krygielski
About the Design
It isn't that often you get to design a play with a realistic set anymore. I was really excited to work with The Contemporary Theatre of Ohio on this excellent recession era play by Dominque Morriseau. The entirety of the play takes place in the breakroom of a Detroit stamping plant in 2008. There are some great transitional moments that show the workers in silhouette, but other than that the goal was to be as true to life as possible. 
We produced this in the Studio 2 theatre of the Riffe Center in Columbus, OH which is flexible and intimate. We immediately settled on a thrust configuration and and the biggest challenge was finding all the space for things that the play requires like lockers, a door, and kitchenette. I wanted the industrial feeling to permeate the room as well as to continue the vertical lines as far as possible. Use of practical lighting was effective and evoked the right feeling to the room. 
(All photos by me unless indicated)

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