Otterbein University - Directed by David Caldwell
Costumes by Anna Grywalski  -  Lighting Design by TJ Gerckens
About the Design
A process unlike any other that I have worked on. After the design phase was well under way a blown radiator pipe in our theatre flooded the stage and cause the musical to be relocated from a traditional 1100 seat house to the 275 seat black box theatre in the Campus Center at Otterbein University.
The redesign was fast and furious with almost no connection to the original design due to time and space. Director David Caldwell and I worked to transform the space into a back porch with the band up center. A Stage was added with planked flooring and even the audience rises got planked treatment. We streamlined the props and set changes to fit the limited off stage space.
All of this is to say that after tech we couldn't have imagined producing this musical any other way. The intimate nature of the space pt audience right in the middle of the story and so close to the talented cast. 
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